Saturday, May 10, 2008

Better than a crystal ball

Why bother paying a psychic when Google will predict your needs for free?! Right on!
Here's what I (and Ben) need , according to the mighty search engine---

Laura needs a home. Gee, how did they know we've been looking at houses?

Laura needs to get out more. Oh gosh, so true. Being a SAHM mom means just that, most days, staying at home. I need a life.

Laura needs a clue. Don't we all...I'm just floating around accidental like.

Laura needs $500 for new legs. Sweet deal! I'd like thin, fit ones without visible veins please!

And finally...

Laura needs a hobby. Great insight, yes I do. Is blogging a hobby though?

Here is what Google says my husband needs---

Ben needs a nap. Totally right on there! Any guy who works 80+ hours/week deserved one LONG nap!

Ben needs a laptop for college. He would love a laptop and going to college would be a good excuse for us getting him one.

Ben needs help. Uhh, duh! He needs to clone himself!

Ben needs $5K. That would be nice! We wouldn't have to worry about medical debt collections.

What do YOU need?

1 comment:

Judy said...

Haha - yours were good!

I really liked doing this for the whole family...the more the merrier!


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