Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Orthopedic Consult

At the request of Cara's physical therapist, we met today with an orthopedic doctor to discuss whether Cara would need the assistance of leg braces or supportive shoes in order to walk. This appointment was booked back in December because Cara was not standing or attempting to crawl in addition to walking in our her feet, slightly.

I am proud to report that since then, Cara has improved greatly (another post with, hopefully a video, will be coming shortly) and the doctor believes that she is progressing nicely and will walk in the next 3-4 months, without assistance! I'm so thrilled, one hurdle overcome.

We are to meet with her again late this spring to reevaluate. If Cara is still not walking, we might need to re-think and come up with a new strategy. But for now, everyone seems happy with the amount of progress that Cara has made.

Let's do the "no braces dance"!


Judy said...

Go Cara! Go Cara! Do the no-braces dance! Do the no-braces dance!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear they are happy with current progress!

Well done Cara! and of course Laura with all the hardwork with Physio you have put in.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for Cara - she'll make progress in all things...



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