Wednesday, January 30, 2008

*Achoo, achoo, cough-cough*

After having a "virus" with symptoms similar to on-going allergies since November, we have finally pushed her primary care doctor hard enough to convince them to put some pressure on the allergist and move her appointment up. We were originally scheduled for after Valentine's Day, then the 7th of February and then, yesterday, I was informed that we have been switched to a different doctor and will see him/her (not sure which) on Friday. There is supposedly a huge packet of forms coming for me to fill out before this visit. Cara also can't have any medications other than Mortin beforehand. Something about no antihistamines, which I thought you couldn't give to children her age? Hopefully, an end is in sight for Cara's suffering and she'll be able to sleep peacefully at night and give our vaporizer a break. The poor girl coughs a lot and seems to have an endless supply of nose goo. If she has to endure an allergy panel to find out the cause of her misery, it will be worth it. I'm just wondering how my 18 month old will survive a 2-3 hour appointment? How will I for that matter?
Updates to follow.


Judy said...

If it takes 2 - 3 hours, you might want to try a different doctor! Tyler was in and out in less than an hour for his initial consultation. And yeah, the test is THAT BAD on them - they have no clue what is going on with their backs. Just brace yourself.

The good news is she won't remember it. Hope you get an answer soon!

Anonymous said...

Laura, you may be suprised in how well she copes for a long appointment.

Violet had her OT Study Assessment for 3 hours and tolerated it better than I could have imagined, even though she missed her day sleep!


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