Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caitlin's Anatomy

Proof that Blue's Clues is very educational and that I'm not a bad mommy for occasionally telling Caitlin to park it in front of Nick, Jr--here is a conversation we had tonight.

(Caitlin & I are looking at a recent edition of Parenting magazine. On the opposite page of the article I'm reading is an ad for Advair, a drug for asthma.)

Caitlin: "Mom, those are your lungs".
Me: "Yes, honey, you are right, they are your lungs".
Caitlin: "You breathe air in and out, (pointing to the the veins (or are those arteries?) is that where the air goes?"
Me: "Yes, the air you breathe in through your mouth and nose goes through there and goes to the rest of your body. How do you know about your lungs and how they work?"
Caitlin: "From Blue's Clues. I saw it online! *smacks forehead like I'm supposed to know this* and it was on Nick, Jr this morning too".
Me: "You're so smart, it's not even funny!"
Caitlin: *laughs* "Oh, Mom? Did you know that these things *points to her eye* are called pupils and they get bigger when it gets dark?"
Me: "Wow, I can't believe you know that. I guess Mommy needs to watch Blue's Clues with you, so that I can get educated".
Caitlin: "Good idea, Momma. You need to be as smart as me, I'm four."

Apparently, I need to get my daily dose of preschool television so that I can show off to my mommy friends. I can just see me now..."Hey, did you see that episode of Dora? I learned that ____ is this and it does _____." Good ice breakers, at least!


Judy said...

They are total sponges, aren't they? :-)

Sabmud said...

That's our Caitie


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