Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Plain With a Side of Spots

A recent discussion with Caitlin--

Me: Oh, I see that you colored the boy in the picture to look just like Daddy.

Caitlin: Mom, Dadda's not black, he's brown...dark brown.

Me: I see, then what color are you?

Caitlin: Light brown, like my chocolates.

Me: What about Cara?

Caitlin: Plain

Me: Plain?

Caitlin: Yes, like you. Mom, you're plain too, with spots.

Me: Spots! (laughing) Like a Dalmatian?

Caitlin: No, I mean freckles, sprinkles, you know?


Judy said...

Sprinkles! I love it!

Lauren said...

Ahhhh!!!! Too cute, too cute! This is just adorable and so amazingly astute. Caitie is so smart! I just love it. Sprinkles! Post more "caitlin-isms" as they come. :)

Anonymous said...

Absouletly gorgeous!!


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