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Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007
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Caitlin had a wonderful time this Halloween. We trekked across the mountains to spend the week with my parents in Montrose. We visited a local pumpkin patch where Caitlin selected white pumpkins for herself and Cara, a first for us and we ran around in a corn maze. We carved pumpkins on Wednesday and Caitlin had fun ad-libbing a face onto hers and then using stencils to add a more personalized touch. I tried my craftiness at spelling Cara's name into her pumpkin and then using a pattern to make an evil clown on mine. Even my parents got into the game by carving their own pumpkins. We attempted to roast (read burn) some pumpkin seeds and let Cara play in and taste fresh pumpkin. Halloween dinner was lovingly prepared by our local Domino's and enjoyed by quite the crowd: the girls & I, my brother Matt and his girlfriend Natalia (Matalie according to Caitlin), my parents and my aunt & uncle. Afterward, we all put on our costumes. Yes, we all dressed up albeit my dad who decided to stay home and pass out candy. Caitlin was Snow White, Cara a puppy, my mom as a cow complete with a cowbell, Matt as a freaky old dude and Natalia as a pirate. I downed a court jester hat to complete the festive scene. A quick walk across the street to a bigger subdivision and we found, much to Caitlin's delight, many homes with porch lights on. We spent about 2 hours walking the streets with Caitlin who was rewarded for her efforts by a Target bag full of candy (inspected my Uncle Matt & Natalia and Mommy). Cara was pretty much unnerved by the whole experience and slept, nice and cozy, in her stroller. She fussed for a little while and then was happy again. We returned home, on the chilly side, where Grandma promptly made hot cocoa and we all settled down for the night.

We topped off our stay on the Western Slope with a trip to the Ouray Hot Springs for a very relaxing soak. There is something almost magical about this place. The views are amazing and watching the steam rise from the pool in the evening is just totally cool.

Here is Cara and my dad in the pool. Cara had the time of her life! We got the float ring for 50 cents at WalMart--what a find!

We headed back to Aurora on Friday morning, feeling refreshed and relaxed. That was one mini-vacation very much needed, especially by me.

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Mary said...

What a fun time for all - really good pictures.

Judy said...

ADORABLE pics as usual - your subjects are beautiful - it must be impossible to take a bad picture!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the girls are having a ball!!

Lauren said...

Laura, that sounded like such a wonderful week! Oh my gosh, it must have been so much fun for you and the girls, and the hot spring, WOW! The pictures are truly truly adorable too. :)What cuties for sure.


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