Thursday, November 15, 2007

I See, I See...

Cara had a follow-up ophthalmology appointment on Monday. We were told to follow-up right around a year after her initial visit back in 2006. She went just before turning one because we were concerned that she was cross-eyed. At the time, we were told that she just "appeared" to be cross-eyed due to having a wide bridge on her nose. Being a mom, I didn't really buy that, but her ophthalmologist at the time dismissed my concerns. Lo and behold, 8 months later, we are still concerned about the crossed eyes and have also observed her eyes "dancing" when she focuses, thus, prompting a much needed follow-up. This time with a member of the Eye Clinic team at Children's Hospital. After dilating Cara's pupils and doing a few procedures, we had a diagnosis, and this time, it made sense. Cara is farsighted--big time! It makes so much sense because eyes cross or dance when they are trying, unsuccessfully, to focus or see an object in front of them. We left Children's Hospital armed with an Rx for glasses and on a crusade to find someone who could fill the prescription and not make my baby look silly. After many failed attempts, we finally found a great place, picked out some adorable purple feather-weight frames, tacked on a 2-year scratch warranty, and Cara will have her glasses in 1-1 1/2 weeks. I'm so excited, and hope Cara will be too, when she realizes that with the glasses that she kept trying to pull of her face, she will be able to see so much better. Her frames will have special hooks on them to go around her ears, making it (hopefully) virtually impossible for her to pull them off. We might also have a baby band going around her head for awhile until she gets used to them. Our technician said though, that in her experience, the little ones are so amazed that they can see that they don't want their parents to take their glasses off! Oh, we can only hope this is the case with Cara.
You can bet your dollar that I will be posting pictures as soon as her glasses come in. Our newest optical device wearer is going to look so darn cute!


Judy said...

HOORAY! My guess is she's adorable in glasses - I can't wait to see her! I had a friend whose daughter wore glasses from about 12 months on, and she did terrific in them.

Anonymous said...

I too know someone who's child has worn glasses from a smililar age to Cara, and he will not take them off cos he knows he can see so much better!

Can't wait to see the photos!

Point proven - YOU knew something was not right with her eyes.

This was the first smart thing someone ever said to me when Violet was born, another mother who had been caring for a special needs child said "Don't take the specialists etc advice as gospel, as you know your child best!"

It really did hit home to me and I still now think of what she said with every decision that has to be made to this day.

Mary said...

My son too was very farsighted and had prescribed glasses at approx. 2 yrs. old. He loved being able to see better...and he kept his glasses on...but today glasses are even made so much cuter than his were at that time - some 30 yrs. ago.

I see many little children today wearing their little glasses and they all look adorable. I'm sure Cara will too...can't wait to see her pictures.


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