Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A little update

Time seems to have gotten away from me lately so I thought I would update everyone on what's been happening here...

~I had another job interview with the county health & human services department last week. I interviewed for two social work positions. I saw the ad in the newspaper and thought, maybe, it was time to put my sociology degree to work. The first was for a child welfare case manager. When I first graduated and moved to MI, this is the kind of work that I interviewed for there and didn't want to do. Thankfully, this isn't Metro Detroit...there is no police weapon-carrying training or a high crime rate. Still, I would have to testify in court, possibly remove children from their parents and other unpleasant tasks. In addition to the case load demand, I'd also be on call 24/7 M-F and rotating weekends. Not good for someone with two young kids. So, I don't think that's a feasible job for me. I also had a chance to interview for a 32 hour/week position as a coordinator for the teen pregnancy prevention program. Now this, it sounds like, would be right up my alley. I was really intrigued by the prevention program in high school and college (did some volunteer stuff here & there) and pictured myself doing something related to that cause when I graduated. I told my interview panel that I thought that this program would be a good match for me. I would be teaching classes on pregnancy prevention, self esteem and things like that in addition to one-on-one mentoring. I think I interviewed well and am now just waiting to hear back.

~Cara visited a pediatric optamologist yesterday due to my concern that she appeared to go cross-eyed a lot. She had a vision exam and a refraction test where they dilated her pupils. She was such of a trooper through the whole thing, even letting me briefly put on the little sunglasses to protect her eyes from bright light. Her doctor was awesome, had a whole bag of tricks to get babies to pay attention to her...a monkey banging drums on a the end of a stick that she kept in her mouth, a Pooh light, etc. After all was said and done, Cara was pronounced a normal, healthy baby who has a wide bridge on her nose which makes it appear that she's cross-eyed because we can't see as much "white" in her eyes. I let out a big sigh of relief...another hurdle jumped or avoided all together.

~Cara now has two teeth. The bottom left tooth (front) came in days after the one next to it. What can I say except that she drools a lot and Baby Orajel has become our best friend! She has a lot of fussy days when sometimes, only crying herself to sleep seems to work. This too, shall pass, I keep reminding myself.

~Caitlin has developed a total obsession for dancing, especially ballet and Angelina Ballerina. It is so cute to watch her dance around, twirling, doing splits and jumps. As soon as finances allow, I'd love to get her enrolled in a tumbling/beginning dance class. She seems to be a natural. If I knew how, I'd post a little video that I took of her dancing in the kitchen.

~I have made a few minor changes to the blog. I have added a counter on the left-hand menu below the Flickr icon. If you're curious to see how many people, besides you, might visit my site, take a look. I've also added birthday countdowns for both Caitlin & Cara, just for fun. Oh, and there are new pictures on the Flickr account...

I guess that's about it, I think. Peace out! *wink*


Kendra Lynn said...

I"m glad all is going well for you!
I haven't been online lately, too busy...but am happy to hear you are doing well, and the updates on the girls are so nice, too.
Take care.


Mary said...

What wonderful news about Cara's eye doctor visit...when the kids get good news it makes for a happy mom.

I'll be thinking of you and your latest job application.


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