Sunday, January 14, 2007

It just keeps coming!

I just thought I would report that we got MORE SNOW last night & a little bit today. I've stopped adding up all of the white stuff that we've gotten this year. I just know that it is a lot...more than we've seen in the course of a winter in about 12 years! I saw an article in our paper about a lady in Loveland, CO who sold snowballs to a guy in CT for $200 so that his daughters could have a little bit of a white Christmas. She had tons of snow to spare since Loveland got hit during the blizzard of 2006 with over two feet of snow. I remember, during some brown (and a few green) Christmases in Michigan, wishing that my parents could buy snow...I guess it's true, you CAN buy anything on Ebay! Now, this poor woman has got to figure out how to ship the snow without melting it--two words for her-dry ice. Anyway, we got about 3 inches here and some bitter winds. I was out pumping gas (a moderate $2.39/gallon for 87 Premium) with my hood up and my ears will still REALLY cold by the time I got back in the car. No playing out in the snow for the next few days. I think the highs are only supposed to be about 20F. Truthfully, I'm getting a little sick of having to deal with the snow (bundling kids up, trekking thru it, etc), so if anyone wants to make me an offer, I might be willing to sell all the snow in town!

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Kendra Lynn said...

We'd like a LITTLE snow here in MI.
My girls were excited this morning to see ICE on the trees outside.
How sad.
I bought them winter boots, and they've never been worn.



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