Thursday, January 18, 2007

Growing like a weed, she is.

Cara had her 6 month well baby check up yesterday. While we were there, Cara was totally charming everyone from the doctors to nurses and other mothers--with her head of dark hair and her babble and kicks. She was very good throughout the entire appointment and barely cried when given her shots. All in all, her doctor was impressed with her progress especially since we were just ther about a month and a half ago for her 4 month check up. Cara is almost sitting up on her own, without support, babbles almost non-stop for hours at a time (there will never be peace in my household!) and is oh so close to rolling over. We have started real solid foods though she hasn't taken a liking to any thing other than nursing. We are also trying to work on transitioning her to a bottle and formula, which isn't going well. Not that I can blame her, there is a big taste difference. She just has to get used to it though, so that I can safely leave her with a sitter knowing that she will not starve herself.
Cara's personality has really emerged lately and no longer is she an inactive baby. She is just so sweet and social. One of the things that she does that I just find so adorable is if I put my face close to hers, she will take both of her hands, reach up and grab the sides of my face and pull me down towards her and slobber on me--baby kisses. She also loves to play with her favorite things being her exersaucer and play gym. She loves to "twirl" around on the exersaucer, playing with all of the different toys. She has learned how to manipulate them so that she can chew on them, funny to watch! With her play gym, she has mastered the scoot & roll technique and can move all over the mat, playing with all of the toys and harassing the heck out of the flying birdie in the middle. It's nothing short of a miracle that the poor bird still has its head and wings. She usually strikes up a conversation with the toys while she's playing too. Mostly, she is a very content baby. Lately, we've had some fussy days due in part to teething. Two pearly white teeth really stand out in her little mouth and by the way that she drools and chews on everything, I'd say more are coming.
From her doctor's visit, we came away with only one concern and that is to get Cara rolling over with ease soon. I guess she is lagging behind just a bit since most kids are rolling over by about 4-5 months. Her doctor is not overly concerned though since babies are put to sleep on their backs, tummy time is not a popular thing with them...especially babies like Cara, who have big heads. She is in the 99% for head size. So, more time on her tummy every day, as much as she'll tolerate was the Rx given to me. Wouldn't you know, that night, she rolled over! Sure, it's not a habit yet, but we're heading down the right path. This past weekend, we went to the Children's Museum of Denver while visiting Ben, and Cara played in the infant pond and rolled over again, in both directions. I'm so not worried...she'll do it when she's ready. I guess that's a common trend with 2nd children. The first, we freak out if they don't do things right on time and with the 2nd, we want them to take their time!
One more note, Cara is to have her ultrasound on the 30th to check on her sacral dimple. She was born with one, just like Caitlin. Again, no real concern because she moves and kicks her legs too well, but, just the same, I can't help but be nervous. I will keep you all posted on that.
I guess that's it for my update on Cara. I am so extremely proud of her and how much she has grown and changed lately. I am so blessed to be home and able to see this first-hand.

6 month stats:
Weight-15lbs, 15 oz (I had her weight wrong @ 4 months, she was 15lbs)
Height-26 inches
Head Circum-18.5 inches

Keep on growing baby!


Mary said...

How absolutely adorable - Cara is just growing into such a loving, smart little girl. She reminds me of my youngest at that age and also my daughter's youngest at that age.
Both, are wonderful 'people' as is Cara and will always be I bet. Cara seems a contented child and will probably always be so loving and easy to be with in the way she just makes you feel good. Hard to explain...

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Jeanne

Kendra Lynn said...

YOur girls are so beautiful...I'm glad they are doingw ell.
Sorry I haven't been by in's crazy here.



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