Monday, October 30, 2006

First Snow

Montrose just got it's first snowfall of the season. A blizzard was predicted for pretty much the whole state for today and yesterday. We only got a couple of inches here but it blew in so violently. First it was almost totally blue sky, then the wind came up (enough to blow our storm door off of one of it's hinges), the sky turned DARK gray and then the rain started. Soon, rain gave away to sleet and sleet to snow. My eldest daughter, was of course, thrilled 'cause she thought it was Christmas time and wants to go out and make snow angels in the yard. The snow/rain mess snapped a big, huge willow tree nearly in half in my neighbor's backyard and caused my dad's flight to Denver to be cancelled. I guess they cancelled a lot of flights due to the fact that they feared the flight into Denver would be hell. I heard on the news that Denver really didn't get hit that badly but Colorado Springs truly got the blizzard--13 inches in 2 hours. Dang, I'd love that here...enough snow to make snowmen and snow angels. Though, I'm sure it would've delayed my dad's flight even more and he really wants to go to my cousin's wedding so...

Anyway, kinda cool to see the snow, even if it is way early. This has been an odd year for Montrose anyway, lots of rain and gray'd think it was Michigan or Seattle.

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Mary said...

Hey - we just experienced what you report a few weeks ago as my husband and I were traveling (driving) thru the Rockies on our way to St. George, Utah for his softball tourney there.

As we entered Denver the sky was blue and then we got outside Denver and it clouded up - very dark then it rained then it blew - a true blizzard which lasted thru the Rockies. We drove the southern route home - around the mts. Pretty until it really got going - then scary as everthing was white and couldn't see where we were going.


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