Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cara Fix-part 2

I figured that since I posted pictures of one daughter, I had better be fair and post pictures of the other.
Here are some current pictures of Cara, who turned 6 weeks (*gasp*) on Monday.

Can we say spirit fingers everyone?

Look at that face!

Looking so cool, calm and fashionable. (Taken at my brother's dorm room where we celebrated the many July/August birthdays in the family)

Cara @ 1 month. Excuse the carseat picture but, I wanted to compare it to another car seat picture from her first doctor's appointment to see how much she's grown.

The calming effects of the swing--works on the newest addition too.


Lauren said...

Oooooooohhhh...Cara is beautiful! I just want to cuddle her! Do a lot of people say she looks like Caitie? I do love the "spirit finger", only a few weeks old and already has spirit. Go team! Cara is a doll. Thank you for the "fix". I happy await future fixes. :)

Anonymous said...

My how she has grown! I know babies grow fast but I still had a picture in my mind of her in the last pictures you sent. She is soooo pretty!

In your next blog - how much does she weigh now and how long is she?

I saw Dolores today - she sends you her love, and kisses to Caitie and Cara.



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