Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Caitlin--down on the farm

Our "city girl's" first experience on a farm. One of my mom's co-workers has a gentleman's farm complete with cows, horses, sheep, ducks, chickens and turkeys. We took Caitlin one day and she had a blast feeding the animals and collecting fresh eggs from the hen house. We got a dozen to take home and let me tell you, there is a big difference between farm fresh and those from the supermarket.

Caitlin feeding and becoming friendly with the sheep. The family does 4H and these were prize winning sheep. I think Caitlin liked them more than they liked her!

Cowgirl Caitlin on her first horse--doesn't she look like a natural?


Lauren said...

wow, how amazing! At Caitlin's age (and at my age now for that) I would love to get up close and pet all of those animals. Glad everyone had fun.

Anonymous said...

What a great array of pictures of Caitlin and friends - just love to see them.



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