Friday, July 21, 2006

This is the story of a baby called Peanut...

This is the story...of how our little Peanut came into the world...enjoy!

I started off the day feeling a bit "odd" but decided to go to work because I had a lot to finish up and wanted to talk to with my co-worker about our plans for Tuesday. We were both going to call in and have some fun, just the girls. So, I went to work with some mild discomfort but didn't think anything of it. Around 12:30-1, things started to pick up a little, so that I was a tad uncomfortable but still, I blew it off as Braxton-Hicks since I was still about two weeks away from my due date. Just for kicks, I decided to get on the Department of Corrections' instant messenger and see if one of my other co-workers, Jeanne, was on. She was and I asked her to help me time these "contractions". She did and asked me what I was feeling. She was determined that I was in real labor and spent an hour trying to convince me to either go home or to the hospital. I was determined to finish up the paperwork that was on my desk before I went. After all, it was nothing and I would just sit on my butt at home.

Well, around 2:30, I finally decided that I'd better go 'cause I was getting more and more uncomfortable. I had Ben call my midwife as I got the heck out of the facility. I had a contraction while waiting to get out of the prison. Other staff on their way in were concerned about me, asking me if I'd be okay driving . Thankfully, UCH-Fitzsimons is all of about 5 minutes from my work, so I knew I'd be fine. I walked out to my car and called Ben. He said that my midwife wanted me to go to the hospital to get checked out.

I walked into the labor & delivery unit all calm and said, "I think I might be in labor, maybe not, but..." and then ushered me into the triage area. I was talkative and joking the whole time...contractions not disrupting anything at this point. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor and watched the heartbeat and contractions. At this point, they were coming every 3 minutes. Then, my midwife, Jessica, came in and did a vag exam. I was so shocked to hear that I was 5-6 centimeters and would be having my baby that day.

I called my mom and she & my dad began the journey from Montrose. I had to stay in triage until they got a reactive strip on the baby and then got moved into a labor and delivery suite. Wow, was that room nice! I had a wonderful view of the on-going construction.

My contractions were picking up but still nothing major...this was about 4 o'clock. Ben & Caitlin (we decided to bring her to the hospital) arrived around 5pm and things were steadily starting to pick up...I couldn't talk between contractions, etc.

Well, Ben & Caitlin didn't have long to wait because within 30 minutes, I was deep in labor--panting and all. At one point, I was told I could not push due to my cervix not being completely ready, and I was about to get drugs...then...three or four pushes later and whoosh--out came Cara Louise!

It all happened so fast that we didn't get any "arrival" pictures of Cara and didn't have anyone there to take pictures of Ben cutting the cord, etc. My labor was 5 hours from start to finish with only about 30 minutes of
"hard labor".

My parents arrived around 8pm and got to meet and snuggle with their 2nd grandchild. My mom was right, she didn't make it having to come all the way from Montrose. I just can't believe that Ben & I did it all by ourselves and with Caitlin witnessing the whole thing ("the baby was all bloody and came out of my momma's butt!"). We are so proud of her for being so good and so brave. Everyone was saying what a good job I did, but I'm no hero, just a happy mom! :)

We were moved pretty quickly to post partum where we all relaxed, ate and slept. I was discharged around 6pm on Tuesday. I was actually ready to come home and be a mom to both of my girls. Caitlin has been a wonderful big sister, being very loving to Cara and helping Mommy.

There ya have it, the whole story...hope you wanted to hear it.

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