Friday, July 21, 2006

Lips, dimples and more...

Little peanut has been home for three days now, so I thought I would highlight some of the happenings.

A Peanut Personality: Cara is a very happy & content little baby. She loves to be swaddled and cuddled, stare into everyone's eyes and grab onto fingers. She has discovered the pacifying joys of her vibrating bouncy seat and loves to snooze there between feedings.

First Doctor's Appointment: Yesterday was the first of many well baby check ups for Cara. She is seeing the same husband/wife family practice that Caitlin does and we just adore both Doctor Dena and Doctor Quinn. We expect to have a positive relationship with them for years to come. Doctor Quinn got the pleasure of examining Cara. He reported that she must be eating well because she only lost 4 ounces since her birth, which was very good. We are a little concerned about jaundice but are not going to panic until the test results come back. Cara could get her first exposure to bright lights, that is. Mommy also noticed, during this visit, that Cara, who looks very much like her big sister Caitlin, shares something more than adorable facial features. The girls also both have sachral dimples...Cara's being more of a sunburst in shape. Mommy was comforted to learn that the Doctors' daughter has one too--we are not alone. We have decided to do an ultrasound to rule out any foreseeable problems. Once again, our small baby will be on a stretcher. Overall though, our little Peanut was given two thumbs up and cleared until her next appointment on August 3rd.

Fascination with Daddy's lip: Babies have a very strong sucking reflex and Cara certainly proved that yesterday. Her daddy went to pick her up from her crib and was holding her level with his face and they were gazing into each other's eyes...a very precious scene. What did Cara do next, you wonder? Well, we all thought it was an innocent kiss but...she grapped Daddy's lower lip and began sucking. She wouldn't let go! Daddy said he had a hickey after she was done! We all got a wonderful laugh out of that.

On a side note: Mommy's feet are so swollen and she thought it was bad before Peanut came into the world. Darn midwife was right, it got worse before it got better. Poor Mommy could barely stuff her gigantic feet into her Crocs yesterday. Oh, the agony!

We imagine that life with two girls is going to be a riot and the adventure of a lifetime. Stay tuned for more.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch for daddy - strong little baby already. Glad to hear everything is fine on the baby front. Mom, get some off-feet time for yourself.

As I had e-mailed you a little while ago - a small pkg. is on the way from me for Cara - she sounds so adorable...keep up the news when you can Laura - I really eat up the baby news - as I'm sure everyone does.



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