Monday, May 08, 2006

Start of a new era

Caitlin has crossed over another threshold today, leaving the toddler world behind. Today marked her first day of junior preschool! She goes to a wonderful learning center called Three Bears and her group's name is the Pooh Bears--how cute is that?
She has been all excited for weeks about going to "her new school" and practically jumped out of her carseat this morning when she recognized where we were.
She ran right into her classroom and started to play as I was busy talking with her teacher and labeling her diapers. I thought it was smooth sailing from there on out. However, she did cry a little bit when I went to leave but her teacher assured me that it lasted only a minute or so before she had forgotten all about my departure and was engrossed in playing babies with the other children. I'm so proud of her, she's totally adapted to the "day care" scene and knows that she'll be okay and that Mommy will be back to get her "pretty soon".
Here's what her teacher had to say about her first day (from the "What I Did Today" info sheet): "Caitlin had a good day. She really enjoyed playing with the other children. She is a very bright little girl".
When I came to pick her up, she was totally oblivious to my presence in the room and was sitting on a big pillow deeply involved in a book. I had to call her name to get her attention, then she came running to me and began, at once, to tell me all about her day.
Where did the time go? Next thing I know, we'll be putting her on the bus to Kindergarten. I'm sure she'll be just as ready and excited to go as she is now.

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Love that Caitlin!



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