Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Goodbye Slump?

I saw this on Yahoo News this morning: "Michigan pulling itself out of slump". It seems that my old home state has finally gotten smart and has followed the trend of several other big cities, Denver included. Detroit is being revitalized as an intellectual center with museums, high scale dining and lodging establishments and attracting medical schools and so on. This has happened to Denver more than once. The "downtown" section of Denver affectionatly called "LODO" has been revamped as the place to be. Coors Field--home of the Rockies and Invesco Field--home to the Broncos are both in LODO along with impressive flats, awesome eateries, museums...pretty much everything you could want for an unforgetable night on the town. Denver metro has also made changes to the old Stapleton (before DIA) airport which now has sprung up with high end homes and shopping centers; Lowry Air Force Base is now a huge housing development; and right in our backyard...the old Fitzsimons Army Hospital is the new University of Colorado Health Sciences campus. This is where my new midwife is, in a spanking new (still under construction in parts) hospital.
My point? Congratulations Detroit for getting on board with the latest trend in urban redevelopment! Prosperity to you. I can't wait to visit and see all of the changes a few years down the road. It might actually be safe to roam after dark without a massive body guard!

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