Friday, August 26, 2005

Your comments, please

I'm desperate for someone to leave me a comment so that I know that a living, breathing person out there actually cares that I take the time to write down my thoughts, our happenings and the like. While, this site may never reach 10,000...I'd like to know that it's reaching someone...anyone...
This is a pitiful plea, I know, but humor me!

By the way, you can leave your comments by clicking on where is says "0 Comments".


Walter said...

well Judy and i had a similar experience... With the little girl who come over all the time. She is Gabby, 19months old she stoped using here Ba ba at 6 months. but she till has her sippy bottle and not a regular bottle she needs at bed time or nap time.

I feel your pain and agony not to mention the insanity of tantrums. !

Jeanne P. said...

Oh, Laura!

I look at your blog once a week to see what all you've been up to. I really like to see the pictures of Caitlin and the rest of the family.

Don't feel that your blogging is all for not. You have at least one Mountain Chronicles fan.


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