Monday, August 29, 2005

Ba-ba free is the way to be!

The last remaining babas--will we bury it, tie it to a balloon, put it in a keepsake box? --->

Today marks the 2nd ba-ba (aka binky) free day for Caitlin. We were encouraged by our pediatrician at Caitlin's 2 year well baby visit, to "phase out" her pacifier use. She never takes her ba-ba to day care but seems to cling to it on her "days off". We worked hard getting her down to only naptime and bedtime while at home. Over the weekend, she used it less and less until yesterday, she went the whole day without mentioning and I decided to permanently rid Caitlin of her beloved safety object. Last night was a bit hard, she kept asking for ba-bas but, we just kept repeating that, "Babas are all gone, honey. You're a big girl & you don't need babas anymore." While it brought many tears, we held firm. Finally, at around 10:45 p.m. MDT last night, Caitlin surrendered to the Sandman. Tonight was a similar battle--tears, a mini tantrum and finally exhaustion. Day 3, here we come! In the words of the Doodlebops, "We can do it, we can do anything!" I just hope that the next few night are a bit smoother. Phasing out is hard work!

Thank you Babas for soothing our daughter for the past 25 months. There are days that we couldn't imagine not having your assistance. You have ended trantrums, stopped tears and brought smiles to Caitlin's face. We admit, she looked awfully cute with you in her mouth. Now, Caitlin is a big girl and doesn't have a need for you anymore. Rest in peace, dear babas!

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Anonymous said...

Wahhh!!!! I want ba-bas!!!!



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