Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Grin & Bear It

As the price of gas in Montrose hits a record high of $2.69/gallon for regular (85), we're told by our wonderful Montrose Daily Press staff to "grin & bear it". Good advice and I normally, I would heed to it. It's a little difficult though, when it costs $34.50 to fill up a 12 gallon tank. I drive 40 minutes (32 miles) to work each way, so I go thru about a tank of gas a week. Yes, I'm feeling the pinch! I only run to the pump when the yellow warning light comes on. I swear, if gas gets to $3/gallon, I'm going on strike! I will be demanding a state vehicle or mileage reimbursement. No more leisurely drives for this librarian!

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