Saturday, April 30, 2005

You MUST see this movie!

As my prison friends would say, "That is a direct order!" You must rent/buy/borrow "Hotel Rwanda" ASAP! Ben, my mother-in-law Hannah (who's been visiting for almost 2 weeks) and I sat down to watch this movie that we borrowed from my parents. I had heard and read fantastic reviews for this movie and was anxious to watch it for myself. Being only 17-ish when all of the fighting and killing was going on in Rwanda, I did what one reporter in the movie said, "People in America will see this, think it is sad, and return to eating their dinners". I remember hearing about the turmoil on the news and reading about it in my current events class but not letting the situation have an impact on me because it was happening halfway around the world in a country I knew almost nothing about. My American sheltered eyes were so shocked to see what really happened in Rwanda in 1994 and how one man saved the lives of many innocent people, buying lives at time. How can you put a price on a human life?! The horror of the genocide only compares to one time in history (at least in my mind) and that was the genocide practiced by Nazi Germany during World War. In some ways, what happened in Rwanda was more devastating and inhumane since thousands of children were slaughtered in order to stop further generations of Tutzi from coming to power or having any influence. This movie is by no means a "feel good" movie and at times, I found myself turning away or gasping in anticipation. However, this story needed to be told and it was--very well! I was so touched by what happened (especially the hundreds of children who were left parent-less following the massacre) that I cried for a good 30 minutes afterwards and told Ben that it's a good thing I was so young. Otherwise, our family would've increased 10-fold because I would've adopted as many of these children as I could. "Hotel Rwanda" has a powerful message--one that we all need to hear. You need to head over to Blockbuster or get online with Netflix and get this movie right now!

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