Monday, April 18, 2005

Early Birthday Celebration!

Despite the celebration being a week (8 days technically) before my actual birthday, I still found the anticipation and excitement rising as the hands on the clock approached 6:30pm last night. We were to meet my parents and brother, Matt at the Grand Junction Applebee's for dinner. The crew arrived promptly and we sat down to drinks (non-alcoholic), queso and mozzarella sticks. Conversation flowed along with exclamations from Caitlin over her newest art creations or the newly discovered joy of blowing bubbles in chocolate milk (ice tea and lemonade work, too). I enjoyed one of my favorite entrees--the Oriental Chicken Roll-up while Ben had the Orange Chicken Skillet. The food was delicious and the service impeccable--maybe because the waiter knew that with a big party, he was likely to get a generous tip?
After dinner, we headed back to Montrose for dessert where my aunt & uncle joined the growing list of part-goers. My mom prepared two fresh strawberry pies for my birthday dessert. This has been a tradition for many, many years and is my absolute favorite thing about April! :) I told everyone that one pie was for them and the other was for me! Funny thing is, this is exactly how it turned out. When we left late into the night, I didn't leave empty handed but with almost a whole pie to enjoy at home.
My family was particularly pampering with my gifts this year. Here is what it entailed: A subscription to the local newspaper; manicure, pedicure and 1-hour massage; gift certificate to my favorite restaurant (Camp Robber Cafe); gift card for a movie at one of theatres in town and *dah dah dum* a certificate for free babysitting! One long day of pampering coming my way!
Ben also spoiled me with two more Italian charms for my bracelet and a promise of an indoor/outdoor Foreman grill. I can almost smell the steaks burning--umm, I mean cooking!

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