Thursday, April 14, 2011


This morning, I'm off to register Cara for *gasp* Kindergarten! The day has finally come, I can't believe it. I'm hoping to get her into a particular teacher's class and into the morning session as that has been working well for us so far. Truth be told, I wish that Kindergarten was full day here, tuition-free, like I know it is in other areas, as I know Cara would benefit from a full day of instruction and therapy services. Our state passed a bill to make Kindergarten full day but, sadly, the school district lacks the money to make such bill as reality.

Here's hoping that by going first thing in the morning, I'll miss all the crowds and be able to get Cara in the class that I want. Having both girls, potentially, at the same school will be nice even though I know the transition to a new school will be hard on Cara. She has come to love her preschool teachers and therapists at her current school and Cara has never been one to adapt well to change. I know that the first week or two will be difficult for her, which is why finding the right teacher is so important to me. Thankfully, I was able to talk to several of them at a recent school function and got a good vibe from two, but one in particular. Fingers crossed!

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Oh wow, Kindergarten!


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