Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pizza & A Movie Nights

We have a tradition around here. Once a week, or thereabouts depending on schedules, the girls & I have pizza & a movie nights. Sometimes, we order pizza from Papa Murphy's Take & Bake and sometimes, we make our own. The girls love to be little chefs in creating their own pizza pies so, we've been doing that lately. While the pizzas are a-baking, we'll curl up in the big red chair and start the movie. Sometimes, we play board games or Wii instead of watching a movie, sometimes, we read books. The constant, central theme is that we spend time together...momma & her girls. All three of us look forward to these nights and wish they were more frequent.

On the marque for tonight is: Alvin & The Chimpmucks-The Squeakquel. Please excuse me, I'm off to preheat the oven and chop up cherry tomatoes and basil.


Judy said...

Mmmmm...yummo! We love pizza and movie nights here, too! Papa Murphy's rocks, but your handiwork looks super.

I cannot BELIEVE how grown up your girls look!

Simply Debbie said...

Dear Laura,
I was blog hopping and just happened to land on your blog.
You have an awesome story to tell that people need to hear especially divorced parents who are so full of rage they use their children as pawns. Your daughters will grow up with loving hearts because of you, their father who stays a vital part of their life and Jesus who has placed beautiful gifts inside of you and your daughters.
I think it is awesome you have pizza night. I use to have craft night with my daughter and I am sure she is conducting craft class in heaven, now.
It sounds to me you are doing just fine and don't worry about the numbers of your blog...people can be reading it that you don't even know about...blogging is suppose to be fun and not look at as one more thing that is on your list to do. But one thing I can offer is that you try and be consistent because they like to read postings from the blogs they follow.
Your blog is beautiful....
do you draw or keep a journal....I know that art can be very healing.
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie

Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me!


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