Sunday, October 04, 2009

War on My Rack

I'm so proud of my husband. Ben walked a 5K with his co-workers early this morning for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. He actually thought that he had to ask if it was okay if he took a Sunday morning to go and participate! Crazy man! He joined 15 other co-workers and thousands of Denver area residents in the walk/run. He said that there was no civility though because their were protesters out with signs protesting everything from abortion to the war in Iraq while all people were trying to do was raise funds and awareness for a good cause. The most humorous sign that he saw was one that said, "Stop the War on My Rack". Too bad he didn't take his phone or I'd have some pictures to share. He is currently taking a hot shower and is going to recuperate for the day by watching some football. He's is in pretty high spirits now, we'll see how he feels later!


Lyla said...

Yay Ben! That's pretty cool.

As for the protesters... dude, it's all about timing and that was not the time nor the place. Grrrr.

Mary said...

Ben is "hero" for the day!

Mary said...

Ben is a good guy!

Judy said...

So very proud of you guys! Good job!


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