Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking a Deep Breath

***big sigh**

We can all breathe a bit easier now. Cara's primary care doctor called on Wednesday to tell us the results of Cara's echocardiogram. The results stated that, "Everything is completely normal. Cara has a very strong and healthy heart." Yay! Not that we *really* doubted that, but it was so wonderful to have professional medical clearance.

I'm curious to see what this means for genetics since Cara has tested negative for every test they've done so far. I think we may just have them halt the exploration process all together. We are very happy with Cara, just as she is, and now, we know that she does not have any major genetic conditions nor heart malformations. Other than her hydrocephalus (which is hardly even a factor given her well-performing shunt *knock on wood*) and some global delays, Cara is a happy, healthy and bubbly little girl. We feel so very lucky!

*deep breath**


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear all was well with Cara's heart...what relief!

Lolo said...

Hi Laura, I know this is quite late, as I meant to comment when I read your post weeks ago!I just wanted to say "Yeah!!!!", I'm over the moon to hear that Cara is healthy and strong! I know you and Ben must have been very worried. Good for Cara though. Send that cutiepie a BIG hug from us, and sorry for being such a "lurker", I need to get in gear with comments! Love you guys. xoxoxox!


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