Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cara Lou is a Preschool Girl

From toddler to preschooler in one fast motion. Cara had her 1st IEP facilitation meeting on Wednesday with Child Find through our local school district. We met previously to do the evaluation to asses Cara's needs.

At the facilitation, I learned that Cara qualifies for 4 1/2 day (about 3 hours/day) sessions of preschool at the child development center in our district. She will be in a classroom with 15 other students, half of whom are "typical" and the other half who are receiving some sort of special education. Cara will be receiving physical/occupational, speech and cognitive special education therapies, to the tune of about 3-4 hours a week. The therapists work with students in the classroom setting so that no child feels excluded or "different". In addition, vision therapist and assisted technology will consult with her teachers and therapist to make their recommendations regarding visual safety concerns and the possible need of a low-technology assistance device to help Cara communicate with her teachers & peers.

The program sounds like a perfect mix for Cara--both student & teacher led activities and a structured daily routine. The ratio is never more than 16:2 and is usually 16:3 or 16:4 due to various therapists, volunteers & parents being in the classroom.

I will be doing the actual registration in a couple of weeks, and I'm sure a few tears will be shed as I fully face the reality that my baby is growing up. I just know that she'll love preschool as she is a social child and loves doing activities. In fact, she often wants to stay with Caitlin at drop-off and join her big sister's Kindergarten class. It will be hard for me to trust others in caring for Cara as she has been darn-nearly glued to my side for almost 3 years. Adjustments, and a lot of them, are coming our way soon. I have a feeling that Cara will adapt very well and I will be the one having issues!


Anonymous said...

Sounds Great...the photo didn't load though :-(

Judy said...

Yes, tears will be shed on your part...and that's okay. And then you'll realize that you have a few much-deserved mommy-hours on your hands...

Laura said...

@Sarah-It was a picture of Junie B. Jones, a children's book character.

@Judy-True, I'm not going to know what to do with myself! I think MLS classes might be the solution for all of the "free" time.

Lolo said...

Awwww....Cara is growing up a little too! I know she will always be your "baby" though. :) She's such an adorable little one. Her preschool program sounds perfect, and I can only imagine what a blast Cara will have, yeah!!!!!! :)


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