Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Day in History

Today is January 20, 2009:
On this day, history was made. President-elect Barack Obama was officially sworn in as the Nation's 44th President.

We sat, we watched, we exclaimed, we gasped, we cried, we were moved.

This was a remarkably historic day for the United States. Not only did the first African-American (though truthfully, he's mixed) become President, but we his election comes a tide of change. We, the people, have truly come together as ONE. We are inspired to make this country a better place and finally, we have just the man in the Oval Office to help make that a reality.

Change has come!


Anonymous said...

Was glad to witness such a historic moment!

Mary said...

I wish that very best to Pres. Obama and to our country.


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