Monday, January 19, 2009

Family Outings

We are really very blessed to live in the Denver metro area, with it's abundance of places to go and things to see. Making memories with the girls is so much fun! Here are a few places that we've visited so far this month.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science. It was their monthly free day, so we decided to take advantage. After struggling to find a parking spots and dealing with the crowds, we headed to the space exhibit followed by the kid's Discovery Zone and finally up through the Animals of North American displays. It was so much fun to explain things to the girls and to watch them explore and get excited at seeing certain things.

Museum of Nature & Science Collage

We are members (thanks Mom & Dad) of the Denver Zoo, so now, we can go for an hour or to see a particular animal without feeling guilty of wasting money. We went this past Saturday and focused on the bears and primates. We marveled and how much we have in common with primates and loved watching a newborn baby monkey explore his new home. The weather in Denver was perfect for our zoo visit, about 60 degrees, so we were able to see a lot of the animals roaming around outside. Heck, it felt like spring and we walked the zoo without coats!

Denver Zoo Collage

What have you been doing with YOUR families?

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Judy said...

Um, eating and school, hahaha. If we could slow down for TWO SECONDS, we might be able to do something relaxing and enjoyable.

Maybe next week...or month.


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