Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympic Pride 8-8-08

I posted these questions to a group that I co-moderate, but thought it would be fun to answer them here.


1. Are you going to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics? Why or why not? We sure are. I grew up watching both the summer and winter games and want to instill in Caitlin the same national pride that has fostered in me over the years. There's something special about seeing our country's best compete.

2, What events to you like to watch? I love gymnastics but every Olympics, I find another sport that hold my interest too. For the Winter Games, I love figure skating.

3. If you could be in an Olympic event, which would it be and why? Either cycling or figure skating. Cycling because I've always enjoyed biking. I think I would do better on a tour than an actual race though. Figure skating because it's so graceful and I love how the skaters make the music come alive. One of my favorite movies of all time in Cutting Edge--enough said?

4. What event would you like to see in the Olympics (you can even get creative and make one up)? Hopscotch or jump-roping. Back in the day, I was really good at jump rope!

5. Where should the Olympics be held next time? Why this locale? I think it's time for another Canadian Olympics, it's been awhile. I think it would be neat to have it in one of the eastern maritime provinces like Newfoundland or Prince Edward Island, but it's probably too remote.

Any of my blogging buddies care to answer these questions on their own blog? If so, let me know that you did and I'll be sure to stop by & read!

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Judy said...

YAY! I did it!


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