Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our social calendar was so full!

Have you noticed that it's been weeks that I've posted anything? If so, I can explain---
Labor Day weekend (starting on that Thursday) saw us in Montrose in preparation for my brother Mike and bran-new sister-in-law's wedding. We had a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner (yummy, not good for the gut, Mexican food) followed by a beautiful wedding ceremony outdoors at a state park overlook (overlooking a reservoir with the San Juan Mountains as a backdrop) and concluded with THE MOST happening and fun wedding reception I've ever been to. Yes, me, the one with no rhythm and two left feet was on the dance floor several times and even did "The Train"! It was an absolute blast and I loved dancing with my husband (a very rare treat) and grooving along with family and friends, some whom I hadn't seen in years and years.
After the wedding, we had a brunch honoring the newlyweds and then, some social activities with some old family friends. Once everyone returned to their home city or state, things calmed down some and the girls and I settled into our role as dog-sitters for the rest of the week.
We arrived back in Aurora on Friday night to a condo flooded with unpacked boxes. Ben & I have been hard at work unpacking, setting up and weeding through our belongings. I am proud to say that I have a have fully set up kitchen, can get to my bed without tripping over boxes and dropped off a car-load of items no longer needed to Goodwill. How is it that you can start off a marriage with only the bare essentials and end up with way too much stuff? I swear, I don't remember buying most of this stuff. Did I sleep-shop?
Anyway--we are back and slowly, things are returning to normal. That said, I am hoping to schedule playdates with a few friends, visit the Children's Museum a few times and continue making our new residence feel like home. Yep, my plate is full once again, but would I have it any other way, probably not. Life would be too dull!

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Mary said...

Yes, you certainly were busy! I expected you to be very involved in packing, moving, taking special of Cara etc.

Good to hear things are "moving" ( pun intended) along.



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