Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sampling of pictures

Click on the Flickr icon to see more recent pictures!


Lauren said...

Laura, these are such cute, new pictures! I love the little green tractor, the girls look so adorable riding around in it. The picture with Cara and the headphones are great too, is she listening to something good?! :)

Judy said...

LOVE the pictures, Laura! Very adorable!!!

Hope you feel better soon - sick mommies are no fun (BTDT!).

Kendra Lynn said...

They sure are cuties...I love those pics!


Mary said...

Ohhhhh - just darling girls! As I've said before but I'll say it again - love to see the girls having such fun together. What a good idea of the tractor pull etc.

Take care - feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Laura!
Hope that you're doing well; I love the new pictures of the girls; they are truly beautiful.

Take care!


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