Saturday, February 10, 2007

Flip Side

Must count my blessings in times like this so, here are some GOOD things that have or are happening:

1. I have a job interview for the Youth Librarian job in Pagosa Springs this coming Thursday. I am to have lunch with the director first (small library) and then meet the staff afterwards. I'm not sure if this is a full-fledged interview or just the preliminary, but in either case, I'm totally psyched!

2. In keeping with one of my New Year's Resolutios, I have joined Weight Watchers and am on the plan. I have lost 3 lbs so far and am finding it easy to watch what I'm eating. Thankfully, Weight Watchers is not a restrictive diet, I can have whatever I want, in moderation.

3. Cara has learned how to roll over in both directions. She is better about stomach to back, but has mastered both! :)

4. I have been feeling a resurgance in my faith as of late. I'm not sure what brought it on, but I am totally enveloping it.

5. It has been warm outside! We have finally been lifted out of the Artic temperatures that we've had for awhile.

6. I filed my income taxes and was absolutely floored to find out that I'm expecting a refund from both state and federal...first time in years. Don't worry, I plan to be very responsible with the money. :)

I'm sure there are more things to be thankful for, including my health, my girls and my family & friends, but these are the tops ones on my list for now.


Judy said...

I am such a huge fan of Weight Watchers - I hope it works for you! I probably need to get back on the program myself!

Mary said...

Nice to see there is flip side - I've heard good things about Weight Watchers...

My fingers are crossed about your interview on Thurs. in Pagosa Springs.


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