Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pure Frustration

For those of you without kids, consider this a good dose of birth control or why you don't want to have kids...
For the past few days, my youngest, 5 month old Cara, has been very fussy almost to the point of being inconsolable at times. I've tried everything from feeding to a car ride to calm her down. On she wails. If I I could truly decode her cries--is she overstimulated, tired, hungry, bored, mad? Does she have gas? Is she teething? Your guess is as good as mine.
She is content right now, in her car seat, go figure...I wonder how long it will last?

P.S. Christmas pictures will be coming soon, I soon as I get more than 30 seconds of free time & peace.

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Lauren said...

Laura! Oh Laura...thank you so much for your comment today over on HB. I wish I could write you such an ecouraging comment. Know first that you are right, thanks a ton for your sweet words, only I know myself best! Beyond that, please hang in there with baby Cara. I remember what it was like, to live out the first several months with afussy baby. It's draining. Was Caitie more easy going as a baby? I think it's true that babies do have unique personalities. If Cara turns out to be an intense baby, then toddler, while it is challenging, be assured that personality type comes with lost fo strong points! I bet she will be talker, always something funny to say, a cute dance to do and a strong, positive mind like her Mama!

I wish I could be there to watch the girls for you and give you a bit of down time. You know as well as I do that the first years go by in a flash. I know it's just when you're in the middle of the difficult months, that they drag on. I'm here for you ANY time. You are such a great Mommy and the girls get so much love from you. I admire you for all of that!

Hope your two Christmas's were great!!!! Post more when you can.
Love ya!
Lauren :)


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