Friday, December 29, 2006

Prayer Request

I have never posted anything like this before. I am asking that you pray, think good thoughts and pass this on to your family and friends so that they can do the same.
My husband (we are still married even though we're separated) just told me that he may have a cancerous lump under his chin. He is to go next week for a biopsy to determine if it is cancer or benign is only 31 years old and mostly a heathly guy. Maybe I'm being selfish but I'm not ready to lose him yet and my girls need their father.
I am trying not to assume the worst until I hear the results but, it's hard not to, especially since cancer runs rampant in his family. As he once told me, the men in his family don't live long. I tried to tell him that I didn't believe that it was his time. Of course, only God knows when it's someone's time...
So, please pray, think good thoughts, meditate or do whatever it is that suits you. I will keep you all posted.
Thanks so much, in advance.


Lauren said...

Oh Laura.... B. is in my prayers and thoughts, so are you and the girls. I know this must be a very scary time,and I'm here if you need anything. I'll pray it is just a benign bump of some kind. love you lots, Lauren

Kendra Lynn said...

I will be praying. As you know, my father has gone through three different types of cancer. God has kept His hand on him through it all.
If you'd like to read about it, go to
Perhaps good news will cheer your heart. I will be prayign.


Mary said...

Prayers are on the way for a good outcome on Ben's "bump".

Wishing you and yours all the best for 2007, healthwise and otherwise.

Anonymous said...
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