Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cars anyone?

No, we're not in the market for a new car--I wish. I'm actually talking about Disney Pixar Animations newest full-length animated movie---CARS!
Caitlin had been anticipating Cars' arrival to the big screen since seeing a preview on her Toy Story 2 DVD. She kept saying, "Pixar Animations presents Cars" and stating that it was coming out pretty soon. Well, we decided to treat Caitlin to her first movie at the theatre where she could see Cars on the big screen. On opening night, the Ogoe-McLean clan piled into the trusty Trail Blazer to catch the 7:00 show at the Chinese theatre in Aurora. Having a genius moment, I decided to purchase our tickets online so that we were promised seats. It was probably a good thing that I did because there were only a few empty seats in the stadium style theatre.
Anyway, Caitlin ran inside and made a bee line for the concession stand. Once there, she decided to get some candy and a Sierra Mist. Mommy had pretzel bites and Daddy got popcorn. Armed with our goodies, we entered the theatre to claim our seats. Caitlin was afraid to go into the dark theatre at first, but when Daddy picked her up and she saw other kids go in, she got over her fear.
We were concerned that she wouldn't sit still or would be really loud during the movie. We had to remind her to use her quiet voice a few times and she got restless towards the end (a 90+ minute movie) but, I for one, was so impressed with how good she did...she was totally into the movie! Everyone was telling me that I was nuts to take a not even 3 year old to the movie theatre well...poo on them! We had a blast and plan to do it again soon, when another cool kid movie comes to town. I think we're also going to try the circus and Disney on Ice. Having a big girl is so much fun!

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