Sunday, October 30, 2005

We Caught It...

It seems that the fall cold season has made a visit to our house. No amount of daily vitamins or orange juice could’ve stopped it.
Caitlin woke up early Friday morning pretty unhappy and tugging on her ear. At fist, we thought maybe her earrings were bothering her or that she had slept in a weird position. But no, it couldn’t be that. We took her temperature instantly, thank you ear scan, and she had a little bit of a fever but nothing to be alarmed about. Then, we noticed ever since she woke up, Cait had wanted to have her left ear pressed up against something (a shoulder, a pillow, the couch cushion) and would fuss if we tried to expose the ear to sound or air. I got her to lift her head long enough to see that her poor ear was pretty red. That sent up a red flag to this mommy & daddy and we were immediately on the phone to the pediatrician’s office. Of course, they wanted to see Caitlin. Ben was able to take her (this bad mommy had to report to work for a few hours) and calm her while the doctor looked in her ears and down her throat. The diagnosis was---*drum roll*--a “progressed” inner ear infection, probably a symptom of a strain of bacteria that’s been going around and making everyone miserable. She prescribed some Amoxicillin and handed Ben a sample of Children’s Motrin to help with the pain Cait was feeling. Thankfully, Cait is a pro when it comes to taking medicine and after her first dose, she was a lot more comfortable. We are on the meds for a least another couple of days, as we have to finish the whole bottle. Caitlin’s cold also seems to have progressed from an ear infection to a full blown cold complete with a cough and hoarse voice.
I have also come down with a little throat irritation and a headache. Ben, so far, has remained unscathed—luck duck! In the meantime, Cait & I are just going to take it easy, drink lots of liquids and pray that this passes before tomorrow night!

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