Monday, October 03, 2005

Many Moons Ago

I've been tagged by Lauren to do this--

Ten Years Ago
I was a young 17, in my senior year of high school. I had a bad case of senioritis and was ready to go to college. I was involved in Speech Team and Drama Club and working part time at McDonald's as a Ronald Ranger.

Five Years Ago
I was 22 and finishing up my bachelor's degree at Fort Lewis College. I thought, once I graduated, that I was going to bring about big changes in the world. Plans were well in motion for Ben & I to be married two short weeks after graduation and moving to Michigan. Five years ago was a time of big changes.

One Year Ago
I was the mommy of a one-year-old and had just started my job as a librarian at a minimum security correctional center.

The three of us spent the day exploring Telluride, CO (pictures and narrative to follow). We went to the library there, rode a gondola and took lots of pictures. It was a great day!

5 Songs I Know the Words To
Anything by Amy Grant or Point of Grace
Hangin' Tough by NKOTB (I still know the words even to this day)
Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy or Wags the Dog by the Wiggles
On Top of the World by The Carpenters (I grew up listening to them)
Wind Beneath My Wings (From the movie Beaches)

5 Snacks
Butterfinger Crunch bars
Kettle Corn popcorn
Fudge popsicles
Anything with peanut butter & chocolate

5 Things I'd do with a million dollars
Get a nice, comfy house with a grassy backyard in a good neighborhood
Pay off all of our debt
Put money aside for Caitlin's higher education and wedding
Go back to school full time (Ben & I)
Take a real honeymoon

5 Places I'd run away to
The Coffee Trader (with a good book)
Germany, Switzerland or Scotland, I could be a dot on the map then
A big mall on the Front Range
The spa

5 Favorite books/TV shows
Law & Order
Judging Amy
Just about anyting on TLC/HGTV
Any non-fiction book
Books by Luanne Rice or Kristin Hannah

5 Greatest Joys
My husband
My parents & brothers
My dear friends
Living in Colorado

5 Favorite Toys
My computer
The digital camera
Caitlin's Little People playsets
My jump rope
DVD player

Five People I'm Tagging
You x 5

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