Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day, McLean style

Happy Father's Day! :) We had a feast, prepared by chefs Mike & Ally, in recognition of the wonderfully, loving fathers in our lives. Ally prepared her mom's spaghetti sauce with it's fresh oregano, basil and italian sausage (among other things--she says that the recipe is a family secret which means, I can't have it until 2007, when she & Mike tie the knot), yummy garlic bread, salad and sun tea with fresh mint. Everyone ate their weight in spaghetti, no doubt about it! So full from the feast were we that we lazed about in the grass of the backyard, chatting and enjoying the beautiful day. Family, conversation & good food, a perfect Father's Day in Ben's book. He says that we have to post a picture of the t-shirt that Caitlin made for him. That will have to be a separate post as Ben has taken the shirt to work to show it off.

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