Monday, July 12, 2010

Time off

I am going to be taking an extended break from blogging for awhile. Some big changes are going to be happening for the girls & I and I need to focus on making these transitions as smooth as possible for everyone involved. If you all wouldn't mind saying a prayer or crossing fingers & toes for everything to go smoothly, I would really appreciate it. I hope to be back to more frequent blogging in a month or so. Take care everyone and, have no fear, I will still be on Facebook, I'm sure. :o)


ferfischer said...

crossing fingers - and good luck with everything! You can find me on FB too if you like - The Fisch Tank page will have our updates, and then you can find me from there, I bet! (Jenny Fischer, btw)

Mary said...

Yes, of course - a little prayer, crossed fingers etc. wishing for a smooth transition to whatever or wherever things are going.

I know we'll be back in touch whenever things get back to where you can blog again. I'm wishing you the very best.


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