Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Year! Last night, we rung the New Year in with style here in our household. We watched Ryan Seacrest & Dick Clark and counted down to the ball dropping at One Time Square. We decided to let the girls stay up and take part in the festivities and Caitlin was all into learning about why we celebrate New Years and in the "party". I picked up some inexpensive party favors and when the clock struck midnight here in Colorado, we all blew horns, shot off poppers (only Ben & I did this) and covered the girls in streamers. We had a blast!

Every year, I try to set three goals for myself to work towards. Not anything monumental but things like a reading goal, something that I want to work on with the girls and then one thing I'd like to better about myself. I'm the planning type, so setting these goals gives me an agenda and something to work towards all year round. Each goal usually has several sub-goals too so that they are not so overwhelming. I've learned in the past that having huge, vague resolutions doesn't work because there's no outline, nothing that is realistically attainable. Even though, in years past, I'd set myself up for failure, I was still bummed when the house didn't get organized, I didn't lose those pounds or whatever. Having learned that and embraced my limits, here are my goals for 2010:

A. Read a book by an author for every letter of the alphabet. I will be looking on library and bookstore websites for suggestions. I will read from all different genres and keep a list of these books.

B. Work on exposing the girls to the wonders of the world around us. This can be accomplished by visiting places, exploring the world through books or websites and any other means that I can think of. We will try to be more hands-on this year.

C. I will learn how to crochet. I've wanted to learn for some time but it's always getting put on the back burner. My mom has agreed to teach me and I'm a willing student. I think it will be a good thing for me to have another creative outlet other than this that is more portable. I look forward to making hats & scarves for family and friends by the 2010 holiday season.

Those are my goals, what are yours? Have you sat down and thought about what you want 2010 to bring or looked back on 2009? Here's a wonderful post about goal setting and reflecting, just click here. May this year be one of health, happiness and prosperity for you all!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, I have nominated your blog for the Lemonade award. Go to Violet's blog for more detail.


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