Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parent Day @ Preschool

Cara's preschool hosted a Parent Day a little while ago. It's a chance for parents to come into the classroom during class hours and see their child's daily routine.

It was great fun to watch Cara participate in class and I was just amazed and how much progress she's made and the things that she's learned. She isn't totally up to par with her classmates, but it's still so amazing to think about how far she's come.

Here is a glimpse at a typical day in Cara's class:

This is the routine chart, so that the students know what they are doing next.

Here, Cara is waiting for her teacher to ask who's hand print she's holding. Each child has a hand print with their name on it that they put on the felt board as they come in each morning. I'm am proud to report that Cara can pick out and recognize her own name!

Next, her class sang some songs for us. Cara really got into several of them and it was fun to watch all the kids singing and copying their teacher. Cara's special education teacher helped her participate in a couple of the songs as well.

Every week, they write a new story, one line at a time. Her teacher picks a different student to contribute to each part of the story. It's funny to see what the kids say for the next line. I bet they've written some wacky, off-the-wall stories! They also work on vocabulary as new words are introduced into the story.

At the end of the day, we did a project to coincide with the theme of the month, which is "Our bodies, ourselves". The parents traced their kiddos and then helped them color their bodies to match themselves. We made a flat Cara! It is now hanging in her room. We had fun coloring though Cara was much more interested in what everyone else was doing! I got to flex my (very small) creative muscles.


Mary said...

Fun to read - good work Cara!

Lyla said...

Wow! It looks like she's getting used to the whole thing. Is she excited to go?

Anonymous said...

She sure does look like she has settled in well!

Laura said...

She does love going to school! No more crying at all. She points out her school as we are driving towards it and gets excited. Usually, after she hangs up her back pack, she gives me a kiss and goes on to wash her hands without backwards glance at me. Her teachers say that she's doing so well! :o)

Mary said...


Would you have believed a year ago that you would be writing the blog comment you listed below? You would probably hope for the progress Cara has now made, but maybe not 100% sure...now you can be. Hurray for Cara!


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