Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cara's Totally Sweet Birthday

We took Cara out to celebrate her 3rd birthday yesterday. We began with lunch at one of the girls' favorite places, Applebee's. Cara had a grilled cheese sandwich with applesauce and when she finished, our waitress brought out a celebratory scoop of vanilla bean ice cream for Cara. As you can see, she enjoyed the lunch, but especially the ice cream!

Afterward, we wanted to treat her to a very special cupcake. Awhile back, I happened across the website for Lovely Confections in Denver. They are a local shop that specializes in organic cupcakes (and cakes). We found the shop located "on the Fax", walked in and received a very warm greeting from the store owner and employees. Cara picked a chocolate cupcake with vanilla bean butter cream icing, I had a red velvet cupcake with the same icing and Caitlin had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing (Ben helped Cara with her cupcake and had a few bites of mine). The cupcakes were AMAZING! Rich, moist and full of flavor. The icing was definitely a favorite all around, which they put on right in front of us and the cupcakes were still warm from the oven! If you are in the Denver area, a Lovely Confection cupcake is a must!

We wrapped up the day by heading to our good friends' house to socialize, let the kids play and so that Ben could troubleshoot a computer problem. We rolled into bed rather late, but had a wonderful day, and no doubt, Cara did too!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a great day!

Mary said...

Great day - great birthday girl --- and, YUM!


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