Monday, February 23, 2009

Speech/Vision Therapy Update

A few things have happened in the therapy realm lately, so I thought an update was due.

**Per a suggestion from Cara's physical therapist at her IFSP review, contact has been made with the Anchor Center for Blind Children. They offer vision therapy, free of charge (usually), for qualifying children. I have asked for Cara's ophthalamology records to be sent to the intake coordinator for Anchor. If Cara meets their qualifications, a home visit will be scheduled to discuss Cara's needs. We are concerned with Cara's lack of visual perception and body awareness (where she is in relation to other things). These are both areas that the Anchor Center's therapies would address, should she qualify. I am waiting to hear back from the intake coordinator that she has received the records, so that we can schedule the home visit and go from there. I really believe that Cara could benefit greatly from this type of therapy, so am keeping my fingers crossed and saying extra prayers that she will be excepted.
**Today, during Cara's routine speech therapy session, her therapist brought to my attention that she believes that Cara has a muscle weakness in her jaw, which is making it difficult for her to move her jaw in accordance with performing various mouth movements needed to form words. She also believes that Cara may not understand the need to breath for speech versus breathing for living. This may explain why Cara's "noises" come out abbreviated. For her jaw weakness (called jaw rehabilitation) and mouth movements, we are going to try some oral/motor exercises and also use some tools such as a Nuk brush and tubes. For her breathing, her therapist is going to try some abdominal grading or practiced breathing for speech exercises with Cara. Hopefully, these new techniques and exercises will help Cara move forward in her progress with speech. We will know in a few months' time.

One thing that I really appreciate about her therapists is how they are on the ball, always looking for ways to help Cara succeed, seeing problems and figuring old how to deal with them. We have been very blessed to have such attentive therapists for Cara.


Mary said...

Yes, God bless the therapists. We all pray that they will succeed in their help with and for Cara.

Anonymous said...

I agree, her therapists are on the ball, which is what you need!

Hope she qualifies for the Anchor Center...keep us posted!

Nice to see another post on here too!


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