Friday, December 14, 2007

The Headlines

I'm officially a blog slacker. I've been meaning to update for sometime but, well, the only time I seem to be able to do so is at unwelcoming hours in the morning when my 17 month old baby can't sleep. It's hard to coordinate a sleep-deprived brain with fingers to compose a sentence that makes even the remotest bit of sense! However, since I seem to be on a roll, here goes nothing.

  • I somehow neglected to post about some free toys that I won from CafeMom's Playskool Preschool Playgroup. Every once in a blue moon, they offer free toys to moms who are members of this group if you do certain things such as post three times, post a picture and respond to a poll. I was so excited to see that they were offering up some toys that I thought would be perfect for Caitlin for Christmas. After a long wait, the toys arrived a few days ago. Click here to see what Caitlin will be opening on Christmas Day. Cool, or what? I haven't opened the box yet but, after the Mr. Potato Head promotion earlier this summer, I know I won't be disappointed!

  • I finally got around to putting up some Christmas decorations. It's been challenging because I have little, curious fingers who love to get into everything. Let's just say that the decorations are well out of reach except for those of a plush variety. We still haven't decided where to put our tree or hung stockings. I imagine that we'll figure out those logistics this weekend. All that I know is that it's starting to feel a bit like Christmas around here. We even have snow to prove it--and more on the way.

  • Caitlin has been practicing writing both upper and lower case letters and reading beginning readers books. She has been doing so well. I'll have to get a video of her "reading" and scan in some of her writing. There's no doubt that she's ready, intellectually anyway, for Kindergarten.

  • Cara has been making huge strides lately! In the past few weeks, here's what she's learned:
    --She is now pulling up to stand on just about anything--the tub, couch, an air mattress, you name it. She goes from sitting, to kneeling to standing just like her therapist wanted her to.
    --She knows how to give you a "high five" or "holla" if you say that to her. Cutest thing to watch because she actually tries to make the slapping sound.
    --Cara also knows and will do on command or copy you if you say, "So big!" She'll put both of her hands in the air and smile.
    --I think, though I'm not totally certain, that she now puts her hands up when she wants to be picked up. She did it last night to Ben, but not sure yet, if it was intentional. I hope so!

  • Some other 411 in regards to Cara. She is going to be evaluated for a mild form of cerebral palsy called hypotonic cerebral palsy. While I'm not 100% convinced that she has this, she does show some of the "signs" and we want to rule it out. Cerebral palsy is not that uncommon in hydrocephalus patients. Her evaluation, through the neurology clinic at Children's Hospital, isn't until the end of February. I have asked to be placed on the waiting list in case someone cancels, so I have a shred of hope that we might get in before then. Cara is also going to be needing orthopedic braces on her legs to help her build up strength and unlock her knees so that she can walk, without support. We are still trying to get things coordinated to get her in to see the orthopedic doctor. All in due time. It seems like I spend an obscene amount of time on the phone scheduling appointments these days.

  • We took all of the kids (including my best friends') to the Children's Museum last weekend to see Santa. Caitlin hoped right up, made herself at home and told Santa, at a novel's length, what she wantsed for Christmas. Cara, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the man in the red suit and, clearly, let me know that. Click here to see the picture of the girls with Santa as well as some from our day at the museum. Go to page three to see the girls with the jolly old elf.

  • I picked up a gingerbread house to do with the kids to enter in the extended family's gingerbread house decorating contest. From the looks of the good times had by Judy, it's sure to be an enjoyable and memorable experience. We got one that uses Willy Wonka candies, so it's a little "non traditional", but I'm sure the kids will do a good job of making it look cute.

I guess that's all that is making news in our neck of the woods for now. Thanks for tuning in!


Judy said...

YAY! An update! Good to "see" you!

Definitely post pictures of your gingerbread house experience - I would love to see yours!

Anonymous said...

Hey - what great pictures and update on your lives. The kids (including Ben) looked like they were having a great time at the children's museum and a great time just being together, even with Santa, although Cara was not too enthused about him as much as she was with "Mrs." Santa.

Thanks for the new news.

Judy said...

Hey - thanks for the heads up on the post at my site! I removed the link and posted the letter. :-)


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