Sunday, October 21, 2007

The First Snow!

It snowed for the first time this season late last night and into the afternoon today. Colorado weather is so weird because yesterday I was walking around downtown Denver in a t-shirt!
Anyway, the snow was so beautiful as coated everything--like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting. I was able to snap a few pictures of things around our place before Caitlin got up and demanded to go out and play in the first snow. Her excitement was contagious and soon, Cara & I had joined her. Cara seemed taken aback by the whole experience and just sat and took in the activity around her. Caitlin & I engaged in a snowball fight and then made a snowgirl. Not a snowman because she had a pink scarf on. Such a blast! This is what childhood should be about. Afterward, we came inside, made hot cocoa and Ben & I played a heated match of Scrabble. I'm currently working on making some chili and cornbread muffins for dinner. The perfect meal for the perfect snowy day!


Mary said...

Nice "snowgirl" - and what fun. The first snowday of the season is always so exhilarating and welcome, and one of the prettiest. Top it off with making a snowman (or girl), hot chocolate, warm meal and it is one of the best times of the season.

We had 80 deg. today and most of the leaves are still on the trees - but - the first snow is not far ahead. Our weather is suppose to change later this week. No snow, but not our unusually warm weather either.
I'm ready for the change.

Judy said...

So, should I tell you that it was almost 90 degrees here today? Tomorrow is a different story, though - 61 for a high!

Anonymous said...

It is very bizarre to think it is snowing there whle we are having 35 degrees days here in OZ.

I think I would definately rather be building snowgirls over the heat!!


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