Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flickr changes

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that I've recently uploaded some new pictures of the girls out in the wading pool. However, due to an obscene number of views, I have decided to change some of them to be viewed only by family & friends. So, if you want to see them and are not a contact, you may have to create an account and then add me as a contact. If you already have a Yahoo account, you can use that. Sorry to have to do this but I worry about someone, somewhere, using my daughters for child pornography. I've seen it done so many times with innocent partially clothed pictures. When an innocent picture of your daughter in her bathing suit gets 223 hits in two days, something's up! Some of the pictures are still public, for now, but that may change too. When it comes to my girls, I just can't be cautious enough.

Thanks for understanding.


Mary said...

Can't be too safe!!!

Lyla said...

Eeew eeew eeew eeew eeew!!!!!!!

How are things going other than worrying about pedos?

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there.
I checked out your flickr site and saw them...they are getting so big!
How's life?



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